The Salt & The Cellar by Akira BacK • NOW IN ORLANDO

The Salt of the Earth...
Pure and Incorruptible

About us

Escape the mundane and discover the transcendent, culinary artistry of Salt & the Cellar by Akira Back, ette hotel’s signature dining experience. Here, innovative Asian inventiveness embraces—and breathes new life into—Innovative Mediterranean Asian cuisine, blending both into a symphony of flavor to delight the most discriminating of palates.

Opening Hours






Dinner (Wednesday – Sunday):


Afternoon Tea (Sundays)



  • AB Oysters*

    Japanese Cocktail Sauce & Lemon
    ½ dozen

  • The Seafood Affair*

    King Crab, Ebi, Clam, Lobster

  • Grilled Eggplant

    Den Miso, Goma

  • Akira Back Pizza*

    Micro Shiso, White Truffle Oil

  • Ab Wagyu Tacos*

    Tomato Ponzu, Kochujang, Micro Cilantro

Off The Grill*
  • NY Strip 14oz
    Tomahawk 32oz*
    A5 Wagyu per oz(4oz min)*
    24 Karat Gold Tomahawk 32oz*
    Mint 24 Karat Gold Tomahawk Platter 96oz*

  • Jidori Chicken

    Garlic Maple Soy

  • Hot Oil Dover Sole*

    Sacllion, Yuzu Soy, Crispy Garlic

  • Toban Fillet Mignon 5oz*

    Mushrooms, Garlic Butter, Nanban-zu Soy


Prepare to be amazed and have your senses revitalized!

Fresh botanical ingredients gathered at the peak of potency, unique flavor profiles and stunning presentations are the hallmark of our impossibly rich, non-alcoholic creations. Curated by the preeminent, mercurial genius, Jarl de Vries, our cocktail professor, these elegant offerings strike an impeccable balance of flavor and punch for a deliciously accented, after-dinner indulgence.

For those patrons seeking more of a kick from their beverages, we have a “Bottle Club”— giving you the freedom to bring your favorite libation with you across the property. For your comfort, of course, we have your own thermos bag waiting for you.